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Creating UI Sounds from WhiteNoise

Not long ago, I am prosessed with creating UI Sounds. A lot of time, I asked my sound designer friends: how do you usually create amazing UI sounds from scratch? Of course, I get different answers from people. For example, you should go for the style, by defining the game style, you will create UI sounds by using Synth, or organic recording materials, or musical instruments or even just layring the library sounds.

So I did some research and looked up on the internet. In the end, I found out there was a contest was going on in the BOOM library. Although, it was already passed the delivery deadline. The content and material folder was still avaliable for downloading. I spent a day to create all the sounds based on the video that they provided. During this design process, the only material that you can use is a track of Whitenoise. However, you can use your imagination and create the sounds in many different ways. HiPass, LowPass, samplying, and modulating.

I pretty much only used the iZotope Iris 2 as a sampler, and through some EQ and automation pass, I got the final resulte here:

Hope you enjoyed my video!

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