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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site! I am a professional female sound designer working in the AAA game industry for nearly 7 years, and located in the beautiful city - Vancouver, BC, Canada.


I am currently working as an audio designer/music Designer, in Relic Entertainment on the upcoming game, Age of Empire IV. My Career in the AAA game audio industry started as an intern at The Coalition, Microsoft, in January 2013. Since then, I have been focusing mainly on AAA game audio development, as well as some fun Indie games. 


I hold a Master in Digital Media from Centre for Digital Media and BA (with honour) in Recording Arts from Communication University of China. By combining the skills in both sound design and interaction design, I always feel absolutely lucky to work in the game audio field where is truly an amazing place to fulfill my dreams of designing the greatest interactive sound experience for people as I can. 


I believe the best sound comes from nature. And its our mission to bring them to show people how beautiful the world with sound in by capturing them with our ears deeply in heart and soul.

If you want to reach me out and chat more about sound design, please feel free to send me an email or reach me at my social media sites.

I'm always open to connecting with people!

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